News: Scorpion STRIKE rib to be unveiled at the PSP Southampton Boat Show

July 19, 2010 by yachtlover
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World-class RIB manufacturer Scorpion will be showing three models at Southampton Boat Show to include the international launch of its very latest design, the Scorpion STRIKE.

The 9 metre Scorpion STRIKE redefines the RIB as we know it, blurring the edges between a practical rigid inflatable and a sports boat. This is a well priced, high quality, stunning looking Sports RIB that takes the legendary ride and handling of a Scorpion to another level and will make the owner the envy of the pontoon.

The hull modifications have been worked out between Scorpion’s Greek sister company, RIBCO and Scorpion RIBs UK and the superstructure of the boat has been designed under the guidance of Andy Griggs, Scorpion’s head of design.

The Scorpion STRIKE is based on a remodelled Scorpion stepped hull and fitted with a single outboard engine. Scorpion’s objective was to manufacture a high quality RIB with superior ride quality, good performance, safe handling and good fuel economy. This model also sees the start of a collaboration between Ullman Dynamics of Sweden, the world leaders in shock mitigation seating, and Scorpion RIBs. With Scorpion, safety is paramount and the design and handling capabilities give owners the confidence to know that they are always in control at the helm.

Twin-engine performance from a single outboard
Prototype STRIKE hulls have been on test in a secret location during the past year and, using a single engine 300hp four stroke outboard, have been reaching speeds comfortably above 55 knots with fuel consumption of about 1 litre a mile at 35 knots. Both the ride and the handling have been above expectation.

Other models on display at the Show are the twin engine Scorpion Serket 8.5m and the beautiful single engine Scorpion Sport 6.5m.

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