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News: Scubacraft – The Flight Underwater

January 17, 2010 by Superyacht Design
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Scubacraft, latest in the world of yacht building, is a transformable submersible vessel. It is supported by an advanced engine which generates 160hp, and weighs at less than 400kg. This power of the weight ratio leads to blistering acceleration. Due to the electric thruster power and intuitive controls, one can get a unique experience of flying underwater. Extremely accessible, this watercraft has the capacity to move at speeds of over 50mph. Within few minutes, it changes into a free-flooding self-contained hydrodynamic flying machine, submerging to depths of up to 30 metres.

According to the sales and marketing director of Scubacraft, James Browne, Robin Harris, the founding director of Creative Worldwide Ltd was the mind behind the watercraft. He is extremely passionate about scuba diving and personal watercraft. Their association with the Pinewood studios has been to avail its exclusive underwater testing facilities. The engineering strategy followed the principle of form dictated by function making it easy for people to travel from the shore directly to a dive location and more easily underwater.

The company has been continuously performing safety tests and review programs to make sure that they are trusted by their customers. This also benefits them in achieving international certification requirements. Owing to the scalable platform technology, Scubacraft is able to give a performance that exceeds customers’ requirements. If there are two passengers and an operator, the SC3 is best for traveling and if there are more than two passengers the SC6 is the vessel to be chosen. The first SC3 is expected to be rolled out at the end of 2010 at a price of 99,950 with other sophisticated accessories available too.

While offering the features of a sports boat it is able to transform into a free flooding wet submersible. All the scuba divers, underwater explorers and action heroes are bound to eye this revolutionary, bi-functional machine with great admiration due to its extra-ordinary surface performance with the thrill of underwater flight.

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