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News: Seakeeper gyros stabalize two classic wooden Trumpy yachts

September 21, 2010 by Murray Rheeder
Seakeeper gyros stabalize two classic wooden Trumpy yachts

Vintage Trumpy yachts are notoriously hard to stabilize. Fins and wings aren’t compatible with the unique wooden hulls and they can be easily damaged. Working with McMillen Yachts and Moores Marine, Seakeeper’s internal gyro stabilization systems provide the perfect solution for classic Trumpys Enticer and M/Y America.

“There was no way to stabilize Enticer until Seakeeper internal gyros,” said McMillen Yachts owner Earl McMillen III. “The installation was pretty straightforward and the partners are ecstatic with the performance.”

An 85′, 1935 Mathis-Trumpy, McMillen Yachts’ Enticer is part of its fractional ownership fleet. Seakeeper and McMillen teamed up to retrofit a M21000 gyro under the master bunk. Actively-controlled, the quiet gyro delivers a powerful righting force for superior stability while at anchor, zero and low speeds, as well as underway.

“We recently had a luncheon party aboard,” said McMillen. “We anchored off Newport, Rhode Island. It was really windy with constant 8′ to 10′ swells, but thanks to Seakeeper not one wine glass hit the deck. I would estimate that the gyro dampened the roll at least 70% to 80%. Everyone onboard was surprised and pleased that we didn’t have to move to a more protected anchorage.”

“M/Y America’s owner asked for a Seakeeper gyro because he didn’t want anything protruding from the hull,” said Moores Marine service manager Nathan Smith. “Old-style wings can catch and sink a boat. The Seakeeper is entirely internal and much more effective.”

M/Y America is a 75′ Trumpy built in 1965. Owned by Theodore B. Conklin, she is now being offered for charter. A Seakeeper M7000A gyro was installed by Moores Marine Yacht Center of Beaufort, North Carolina. Highly effective over a range of conditions, the advanced unit virtually eliminates boat rock and roll for unmatched comfort.

“I was onboard during all the sea trials and you could feel a drastic difference between when the gyro was on and when it was off,” said Smith. “It just took the roll away.”

McMillen Yachts was established in 1992 to restore and maintain classic boats. In 1995, the company introduced fractional yacht ownership, enabling enthusiasts with limited time away to participate and share in the passion.

Founded in 1986, Moores Marine specializes in antique and classic wooden yacht restoration. The company has completed more than 100 major projects on some of the finest American yachts ever built.

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