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November 21, 2008 by john

SEAmagine’s submersibles feature a special design from the more traditional concepts, which make them ideally suited for operation from a yacht.

In response to the growing demand from the luxury yacht market for luxury submarines, SEAmagine has designed and produced a version of its manned submersibles specifically to complement luxury yachts. This 1-atmosphere submersible offers comfort, safety, and an exceptional field of view to its occupants in a dry environment not affected by water depth pressure or temperature.

Submersibles tend to be neutrally buoyant vessels and need to be boarded by the occupants while on deck before being hoisted into the water to go diving. Similarly, the submersibles need to be hoisted back on deck for the occupants to disembark. This inherent need of traditional submersible design makes their operation logistically complex, difficult and time consuming. To greatly simplify the operation of a submersible from a yacht, SEAmagine’s design offers a unique patented buoyancy system that permits the small craft not only to submerge but also to float high above the water line. This allows the submersible to be operated as surface vessel and be handled or docked as a regular tender once launched.

The advantages of this feature are wide-ranging and immediate:
1) the submersibles are hoisted without occupants on board. Not only is this simpler and safer, it also allows the use of simpler cranes, eliminating the burden of having the cranes “man-rated.”
2) The launching operation can be performed by crewmembers only without the guests being present. Similarly, recovery of the submersible at the end of the day involves the crewmembers only, leaving the guests to revel in the day’s discoveries liberated from such technical operations.
3) Once launched, the submersible remains in the water as a surface vessel and is docked at the dive platform. Passengers simply step into the vessel when the pilot has it ready and step out when the submersible returns to the docking position. This allows multiple dives to be performed without having to struggle with crane launch and recovery operations for each dive. This greatly simplifies the logistics of operation, safety, enjoyment, and provides more dive time in a day.

Companies such as SEAmagine have developed well-structured pilot training program for its submersibles, which the company initially developed in conjunction with the US Coast Guard for a tourism operation and has kept improving on the process over the years.

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