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May 4, 2011 by john
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The 10th edition of Seatec and the 4th edition of Compotec taking place February 8-10 2012 will draw the attention to one of the great issues of the century: eco-sustainability and respect for the environment.

Wealth, life styles and economic growth can no longer exist leaving aside the proper ways of taking care of the planet.

Seatec & Compotec 2012
The Exhibitors of Seatec and Compotec have already focused on this issue in the past in terms of research and production, demonstrating that small and medium-sized industry managed to respond to the new arising needs, besides facing the challenge of what the New Economy has left on the ground.

This priority has become more and more evident, not only for the Exhibitors but also for the conferences and the debates as well as the awards organized during the Show; therefore the 10th anniversary of Seatec will be held in the name of GREEN POLICY.

Seatec is the natural venue in the Mediterranean area for international marine business activities while Compotec, as the only Italian event totally dedicated to composite materials, is a unique opportunity to get a deeper look into this market and learn more about the industry of composites, increasingly used in a wide range of applications: aeronautics and aviation, automotive, design, marine, transportation, building, energy, medicine, sports and leisure, artistic experimentation etc.

Since 2006, the Award “Abitare il Mare”, conceived by Decio Carugati and promoted by CarraraFiere, is a “box” of design-related events with special focus on life-styles’ changes involving crucial themes such as the use of new materials, ergonomics, innovations and sustainability. At the same time, conferences and workshops about more specific and technical issues, organized by exhibitors and organizations, will be completing the rich calendar of side-events of Seatec and Compotec.

Competition announcements of next MYDA (9th Millenium Yacht Design Award) of the 18th edition of Targa Bonetto and the 6th edition of Abitare la Barca have been extended worldwide to Universities, Design Schools and professional offices.

Finally, all exhibiting companies will have the opportunity to participate to the Qualitec Award, in the categories Technology (9th edition) and Design (4th edition). The Qualitec Award – reserved to companies who show their contribution to marine industry innovation – is an International recognition to technology and design becoming more and more popular each year.

The strong attendance of professional and International visitors, as well as the positive promotional activity of Carrarafiere, addressed both to Italian and foreign Associations, contributed to the successful outcomes of the latest edition, creating a number of great business opportunities for all the companies participating in Seatec and Compotec who are already confirming their presence in the 2012 edition.

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