News: Servowatch for 10 Trinity´s Yachts

January 13, 2012 by lucy
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This recent award continues the on-going commitment between shipyard and supplier working in harmony to provide cost effective turnkey installations.

Previous vessels have included six 164ft yachts and three 187ft – 198ft yachts.
Each system supplied; monitors and controls approximately 350 – 400 sensor points, collecting data from the yacht’s main propulsion engines, generator sets, HVAC and switchboard systems, tanks / bilges levels, fire alarms, bilge and pump control, plus all other class essential information. The data is then presented on independent fully functional workstation displays distributed throughout the vessel, allowing the operator full access to the system at each location.

Yachts T-043 and luxury yacht Lady Linda, previously known as T-050 are nearing completion with sea trials imminent with T-057 in its installation phase prior to delivery later this year.

“The early days were unhurried as Trinity needed to reassure themselves that any vendor chosen by their customer had to work for all parties involved, with T-054 (M/Y Red Sapphire) being our trial yacht. The fact that we have been continually awarded these contracts provides evidence that Trinity Yachts were justified in offering Servowatch to their clients”. Dave Pickering Servowatch Yacht Systems Manager commented.

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