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News: Setzer Design Group Presents Two New Superyacht Designs

February 10, 2010 by Superyacht News
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Taking into the demands of a Dubai based client, the Setzer Design Group has successfully unveiled the ‘VL-56’. A futuristic design from the Vision Line of projects, the superyacht known as Naranja is 56 meters long and exudes highly progressive and modern craftsmanship off the Setzer Design Group. Looking at the hull and the massive structure of the yacht, one is likely to notice a combination of long lines and crisp edges which makes the yacht extremely graceful.
The superstructure of the yacht consists of five deck levels and a large below-waterline holds and systems premise. The yacht also offers vast area for the cabins of the owners and the guests on several levels. The yacht has a beam of 10.6 meters and a draft of 2.7 meters and allows high-speed cruising without neglecting comfort and style. The designers have also considered having large areas for storage of fuel and water.

In the rear area, there is a huge infinity pool deck, with the front portion of the premise offering vast exterior arrangement for entertainment. The yacht also features a cabana on the transom with dockage doors set up to the astern and starboard, making the entire arrangement very convenient. Moreover, the raised bow deck bulwarks include duel tender garages and the upper level is built to have a helicopter deck.

The four large guest staterooms, each having a separate balcony to the sea just below the main deck display the distinctive art of the designer. The two decks on the upper level consist of a master suite which is divided into two. One with the bedroom and the other behind has the private owner’s living room along with the sun deck comprising of hot tub.

To add luxury to the yacht, Setzer Design Group have also carved out plans to have a spa, several sunning areas, two galley areas and many other facilities. The guests can make themselves comfortable in the five large cabins with complete crew service in the lower level of the deck. The yacht can house close to 15 people in seven cabins and a pilot in the engineer’s cabin on the astern. Moreover, the yacht doesn’t even ignore the regular yacht features such as the crew lounge, galley and walk-in refrigerator and freezer units in the service areas.

Once inside, you will find the clean lines and plush woods run through the lighter fabrics, making the interiors look lavish. In addition to the multiple seating arrangement, grills and bars, it offers numerous private and public areas on the exterior decks. Due to the high performance diesel drive system installed in the superyacht, Naranja will cut the waters at a speed of 12 – 16 knots at a maximum speed of 18 knots.

While designing the yacht, Ward Setzer, the architect of Setzer Design Group believes that the yacht has undergone various improvisations to become the best in its category. Incorporating all the requisite instructions of the owner, the Setzer studio ensures not to compromise on the structure and function of the vessel. The company strives at expanding its services towards the Asian yacht market. In a short span of 18 months, the company has gained a fourth yacht design deal in Mainland China and its third one within Taiwan. The firm is expected to discuss its plan of setting up new offices in Hong Kong in April at the Shanghai International Boat Show.

Apart from this, a 34m project, a new series of Monte-Fino, is also under construction at the Setzer studio. As a result, the studio is presently working in Taiwan to work in association with the Kha-Shing yard to develop a line of refined versions of yachts and innovative models within its Monte-Fino line. The 34m (112’) model has very impressive long and sleek lines, and vast areas to contain a 7-meter beam. On the other side in China, the company is busy with the new assignment at Tricon Marina, which is a radical, plumb bow motoryacht to be unveiled during the fall shows of 2010.

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