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News: Shakespeare new Galaxy XTC Series Antennas

November 15, 2011 by Alex Lever
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The superior performance and style of Shakespeare Galaxy antennas has extended to a new range, the XTC series. These heavy-duty VHF and AM/FM offerings simplify antenna installation aboard larger yachts and commercial craft.

New VHF models include the Shakespeare 1.2m 5400-XTC and 2.4m 5225-XTC. They are constructed from the highest quality components, including a brass and copper element to maximize signal strength. Matching their VHF counterparts are new Galaxy AM/FM antennas, the 1.2m 5420-XTC and 2.4m 5235-XTC. Both are supplied with 6m of RG-62 cable fitted with a Motorola-style plug.

The XTC series is designed for simple installation. All models have an SO 239 connector inside the mounting sleeve, making it easy to mount the antenna or remove it for stowage. A polished stainless steel ferrule with 1″-14 threads is standard, with an optional 1″-11 BSP adaptor for mounting on pipe systems.

These rugged white fibreglass antennas feature a proprietary, high-gloss, non-yellowing, polyurethane finish for long-lasting good looks. Suggested Shakespeare mounts include the Style 4187, 4187-HD, and 5187 ratchet models, with the Style 4190 ratchet rail mount also suitable for the XTC VHF antennas.

Also new for the 2012 model year, Shakespeare are introducing an enhanced range of Classic VHF and AM/FM antennas from 1.2 to 2.4m, as well as a 0.15m AIS model. Dedicated to educating consumers, Shakespeare offer their interactive Antenna Selection and Comparison Chart at its website. Capable of sorting product information on multiple levels, this useful online tool enables detailed comparisons based on communication needs and vessel type.

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