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News: Sheen Devil and Versimat – Oil Spill Prevention Products

May 13, 2010 by Superyacht News
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Sheen Devil by Centek Industries is an innovative product built to hold and get rid of spilled oil which contaminates water bodies. The product can cross water surfaces or even be deployed between two vessels. Additionally, it also features 10-foot interconnecting sections infused with Mycelx to hold oil. Mycelx functions by developing contact with hydrocarbon pollution and doesn’t absorb water at all.

Another such product, from the same series, is Versimat which absorbs light and medium oils including crude oil and has a size of 55 x 10. Its size gives a contact area of more than 45 square feet. While it maintains an oil capacity of 60 – 120 gallons, it can also act as a sweep. Further, it can easily link to other 10-foot sections due to its unique design.

Finally, Terraguard is a product which prevents the oil from touching the seashores. Designed to remove oil in larger quantities, both under and above the waters, it can resist tidal movements and give best performances in rough waters too.

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