Yacht: Shemara

July 5, 2009 by yachtlover
Engine: Atlas-Imperial
Material: steel
LOA: 64.7 m (212.2')
Draft: 3.96 m (13')
Beam: 9 m (30')
Cruise Speed: 3.96 knots
Max Speed: 15 knots
Year: 1938
Guests: 13
Crew: 30
Country Built: United Kingdom
Naval Architect: John I Thornycroft
Yacht Class: Motor
Flag: United Kingdom

Image: Photo Shemara Photo Jo BYM News

Motor Yacht Shemara

The Motor Yacht Shemara (image above) was completed for the owner in by Ji Thornycroft in the year 1938 and the luxury yacht measures 64.68m (212.2 feet) in length. This boat was manufactured in the UK. John I Thornycroft was the naval architect. The material steel was used in building the superyacht hull. The ship hull has a maximum beam in metres just on 9.24 (30.3 feet) and a draft which in metres which is 3.96 (13 ft). In addition, the material above her decks is steel.

More Specifications + Shemara Performance
Shemara can steam with a cruising speed of 14 knots producing a long range of around 5000 nautical miles. Her full range is enabled by her 110000 – L fuel capacity.

Shemara Accommodation
Shemara has accommodations for a capacity of 13 guest. This ship is also has the ability to be holding up to 30 crew onboard to ensure a well managed luxury yacht vacation experience.

Related Info For The Motor Yacht
This yacht has her main engines manufactured by Atlas-Imperial. She flies a flag from United Kingdom.

Shemara Yacht Charter
Communicate with a recommended yacht charter broker firm for details for having a charter holiday on Shemara, and for ascertaining whether she could be able to be hired for yacht charters. Similarly, speak with a yacht sales broker to see if Shemara could be possibly for sale to purchase and get a listing price.

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  1. Sooty

    Sooty on October 22, 2010

    Yacht Shemara has been SOLD!

    after lying in Lowestoft for around 20 years, She left, under tow on Tuesday 12th October 2010 bound for Southampton.

    Re-Fit planned by Vospers I believe.

    Thankfully and finally, this fine old Lady has been saved.


  2. Dannyreid1

    Dannyreid1 on December 10, 2010

    Hi Sooty, the refurb is happening in Portchester (near portsmouth) i’m actually working on Her as we speak. I agree, she truely is a fine old lady. Truely stunning

  3. Julian Koster

    Julian Koster on December 31, 2010

    My father, ‘Sam’(Douglas)Koster (ex Sqn. Ldr. RAF (Marine Service)), was navigating officer on the “Shemara” from the later times of the Dockers ownership through into Harry Hyams ownership. During that time the Shemara made a number of Mediterranean trips and one or two to the Caribbean including one where the captain (against my father’s judgement)insisted on a ’short cut’ which resulted in scraping over a reef which cut open part of the forward hull under the waterline. Only by quick action, heading for and running the bow onto a shallow sandy beach, was a sinking avoided. By stuffing mattresses into the fisure they were able to limp to a dry dock on a nearby island and get a temporary repair sufficient for the Shemara to make the return trans-Atlantic trip back to Southampton – I think to Thornycroft’s yard – where a full repair was made. In the 70’s, certainly the late 70’s, the Shemara was kind of permanently berthed in Southampton. Most of the crew were kept on in order to keep the Shemara ’ship shape’ and essentially ready for any trip whims of its owner which actually never happened! I remember my father commuted weekdays (by train)into Southampton from our family home in the New Forest. My father finally retired from Hyams employment around 1980 (he was already 76 by then!.
    Were either of you, ‘Sooty’ or Danny Reid connected with the Shemara during my father’s time on board? I am very happy that the Shemara has been saved. Do you know who is the present owner and whhat the intentions are for the Shemara after the refit? It would be great to know.

  4. cookie

    cookie on February 1, 2011

    Hi,In 1970 to 1971, I was a cook on this yacht, I joined it when Harry Hyams bought it from Lady Docker, I think that’s how you spell her name, I was on it for a year and then left, My brother-in law, who is older than me was also on it for a couple of years.
    Bob Campbell

  5. Julian Koster

    Julian Koster on June 6, 2011

    Hi Bob,
    Do you remember my father (’Sam’)?

  6. Nww1973

    Nww1973 on June 1, 2012

    my father was the late leslie white captain at the time of the uncharted reef trouble she went to husbands ship yard for repairs

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