News: Sigmund Yacht Design presents 35m super yacht ULFBERHT concept

August 21, 2014 by ss
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The lines of the Ulfberth yacht concept intersect and mimic all the other lines which make up the profiles of the yacht. The lines are shorter than previous Sigmund yachts because the yacht is only 35m which means the all of the curves used have to be much tighter and are full of tension. This gives an aggressive appearance and one of quality. As it was developed in 3D, this tension in the lines is also apparent in 3D with the use of tensile surfaces. This coordinated and thought out approach to the whole form of Ulfberht gives it an immediate sense of quality.

Sigmund has given Ulfberht superyacht concept a depth of quality and a visual weight by sculpting the yachts form. Seen in the large ventral windows, the sill surfaces are deeply set and use a highly polished alloy to set them apart from the rest of the body. Together this affect gives the yacht a sense of being carved or sculpted from a single precious material. As well as sculpting, one of the other aims for the exterior was for it to appear to be forged from one piece of precious metal which was achieved by visually bonding the superstructure with the hull. The hull is raised towards the superstructure giving the Ulberht a solid stance and a monocoque profile, setting it apart from contemporary yachts of the same length.

Sigmund has aimed the 35m luxury yacht Ulfberht concept firmly at first time yacht owners and as a second yacht for megayacht owners. A fully customized yacht at only 35m offers much of the prestige of a larger super yacht whilst having all of the financial benefits of a much smaller vessel. The style, form and sophistication as well as the perceived quality and advanced nature of the design, promises to lure customers who had previously not considered a super yacht before.

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