News: Singapore Yacht Show 2014 to feature superyacht EXUMA for the first time

April 1, 2014 by black
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Briand’s extensive experience on the professional racing circuit and designing sailing yachts means he has a particularly heightened awareness of hull structure optimization. This is a quality required of all sailing yacht designers, he says, because they need to know how to create a hull that travels fast through the water with only the wind for propulsion. Briand applied this scientific approach to the Exuma hull, resulting in a 40 per cent more efficient performance in relation to consumption compared with other motoryachts of her size. He dubbed the Vitruvius® hullform the Briand Optimised Stretched hull.

“The low fuel consumption on Exuma is not a matter of fashion, it is first and foremost a fundamental requirement. Why consume more when you don’t need to?” says Briand of Exuma yacht’s efficiency. “We have always been careful not to impact the comfort of the yacht. But when the crew travel very long distances – to bring the yacht from the Philippines to Singapore, for example – it is of no use to consume unnecessary fuel. We also install diesel electric engines in our bigger yachts, which consume less and also make no noise or vibration whatsoever.”

Superyacht Exuma has an impressive range of 5,500nm (over 10,000km) and has spent a significant amount of time in the Asia Pacific region, much like her sister yacht Galileo G. Not all superyachts have the luxury to able to cope with cruising in remote regions with long distances between refuelling and restocking. But this is a primary consideration for the Vitruvius platform, says Briand: “The ability to go anywhere is a luxury, as it means there are no constraints. This distinguishes superyachts from smaller yachts, which need to stay closer to popular holiday destinations. Asia is beautiful and there are so many exotic places to explore, but not everybody can reach those destinations like Exuma.”

Credited with a combination of technical brilliance and first class design, Perini Navi has delivered 56 superyachts, with 19 clients having returned to build a second yacht with the company and two having built a third. Although Perini Navi is most recognized for it sailing vessels, the new Vitruvius® Yachts brand collaboration with Philippe Briand has now produced three high-profile motoryachts that have won critical acclaim. Most recent of these is M/Y Grace E, which completed sea trials this February and will soon be delivered to her owners at the La Spezia-located Picchiotti Shipyard, owned by the Perini Navi Group.

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