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Profile: SKIPPERLINER – Yacht builder

March 4, 2010 by Philip Mein
SKIPPERLINER  -  Yacht builder
Industry: Yacht Building
Year Established: 1971
Services/Goods Offered: build yachts, design yachts, yacht sales
Languages: English
Operating Locations: AMERICA, Worldwide

Established in 1971, SkipperLiner has manufactured about 1,000 boats since it’s birth.

Today SkipperLiner produces houseboats and yachts in the 40′ – 120′ class as well as U.S. Coast Guard certified passenger vessels in the 40′ – 200′ class.

In addition to boat building their services include boat service centers, they operate full service marinas and diner cruise boats throughout the United States.

Skipper Care, the after sales support is SkipperLiner’s one-stop convenience, service and support experience focused on the customers needs.

Visit their website for information on SkipperLiner Custom Yachts and other products.

World Headquarters
127 Marina Drive
La Crosse, WI 54603
Main: 608-784-5110
Facsimile: 608-784-7778

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