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Some of the Yacht Designers Amels Utilises

July 24, 2009 by Yacht Designer
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This is a brief run down on some of the well known luxury yacht designers that Amels Yachts of The Netherlands uses in the design of their superyachts. Amels Yachts contact: T +31 118 485002 or info@amels-holland.com and http://www.amels-holland.com

Pictured is the Amels built luxury yacht called ‘Lady Anne’.

Andrew Winch
Andrew Winch heads up one of the most versatile and prolific design studios active today. They have drawn and styled small, large and very large yachts, both power and sail, and they are also quite accomplished in the design of furniture, interiors for private homes and commercial buildings, and private aircraft. Their versatility is exhibited every day in their ability to create styles according to their clients’ wishes, so central to giving a client total satisfaction.

And the studio is definitely in tune with the tomorrow in a few futuristic design proposals currently on its drawing boards. Andrew is no stranger to AMELS, as only a few years ago he completed the design of a striking 58 meter, then re-designed her for a second owner.

Peter Heuvelmans
When one major international yachting magazine reviewer called Peter Heuvelmans’ work in DENIKI a dark mysterious example of “Neo Furniture,” we thought they hit the nail right on the head. Designing Neo Furniture means thinking out of the box, and Heuvelmans is one of those designers who is so far out of the box he is capable of winning awards on shock value and good humor alone.

But the wonderful thing about DENIKI’s one-of-a-kind interior is that it was exactly what the owners wanted from him and his talented design crew. And no one could be happier than they are with the result. And because Heuvelmans had relatively little experience in yachts—he had designed the owners home—only his collaboration with AMELS made it possible to realize his brilliant original design.

Laura Sesa
Since Laura worked with AMELS, in collaboration with Studio Alberto Pinto, on the interior of the magnificent 52-meter LADY IN BLUE, her work has become much admired and globally praised. It has since been described as “eclectic, informal, and highly original.” Laura has the magical capacity to combine a rich variety of woods, metals, fine fabrics, furniture, and artworks in ways never before seen on luxury yachts.

In the LIMITED EDITIONS series Laura continues with her utterly charming originality, freshness, and use of color, texture and form. Her success with the interiors of three of five AMELS 171s launched (so far!) has helped that model gain an astonishing level of recognition. Laura attributes her success to her love of Mediterranean style and her passion for sailing. Brava, Laura!

Nuvolari Lenard
Any quality-minded design atelier in Venice, whose credo is: “Navigare necesse est, vivere non est necesse,” must surely be taken seriously. The very spirit of the famed quote of Gnaeus Pompeius, that life is secondary to sailing, sums up the nature of the Venetian studio founded by Carlo Nuvolari and Dan Lenard. They have designed yachts large and small, from “sports coupes” to superyachts.

They have a flair for extreme aerodynamic exteriors, and have produced more than a few “bullets.” But when it comes to creating comfortable interiors for clients who might be a bit more conservative, they are discreet, warm, fashionable, and inventive. This all means that they are the perfect match for Tim Heywood’s shaping of the LIMITED EDITIONS AMELS 199, and together they are already making history.

These gifted Venice-based designers have performed inspired artistry in the AMELS 199 interior. With experience, versatility and cooperative spirit they will help each client create a yacht with a unique, attractive interior that is fully harmonized to Heywood’s design.

Tim Heywood
Heywood’s next-generation aesthetics will make the AMELS 199 stand out in a marina, harbor, or at anchor. His clear vision of how a yacht works efficiently for everyone aboard will give pleasure to each proud owner, guests, and crew.

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