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News: Speedboat Alpha-Z by Van Dam Boats Plunges For the First Time

February 14, 2010 by Yacht Supplies
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Alpha Z an extravagant speedboat is a Van Dam boats’ creation of 1998, which was originally built at the behest of an affluent businessman in the US. The ten meter runabout boat is built in mahogany and looks quite impressive when the details are given a glance. Claimed to be extremely beautiful and stunning, Alpha Z carries an optimum size devoid of any defects or technical / designing errors.

The beauty was noticed by the owner in October 2010 when he chanced upon an online advert. While he was contemplating on whether he should buy such a jewel or not, he met Johnny Cartwright from YCO Monaco, and then made up his mind to own it. The elated owner of the yacht welcomed the incredible vessel which was covered in many layers of bubble wrap, a few weeks prior to Christmas. When the covers on the yacht were pulled down to unveil the sleek lines of its body, everyone surrounding the yacht were nothing but mesmerized.

The best Christmas gift for the owner, the custom made Alpha Z was delivered in early December and proved to possess an unparalleled persona amongst its class of European yachts. However it was this year that the yacht got to feel the waters on the 19th January. Once left loose in Mediterranean waters, the hull of Alpha Z was surrounded by the cool waters of the winter and looked highly amazing.

The beauty which was a treasure for the owner had been preserved by him since a long time. Thus when he tried starting in the recent days, he encountered with a very interesting episode. The lights turned on slowly while the fuel pump was giving away the buzzing sounds.

Though the starter motor was in gradual motion, the 9 liter V8 failed to fire up. Unfortunately the owner had spent his entire day at the Chantier, Cap d’Ail to start the machine with the assistance of several mechanics and electricians. When the sun began to set, despair grew inside him. But his prayers worked this time when he pressed the ‘starter’ button to witness the monstrous machine coming alive.

The quadruple exhaust pipes gave away a thunder clap that reverberated around the harbor. The second attempt at starting the machine released the noise of the machine which had began functioning by this time. The earsplitting and destructive noise released bore a resemblance to the top fuel drag racers. The 825 hp GM big block had by now become a hindrance for the people in the surrounding areas in Africa. But finally the owner and his comrades in Cap d’Ail were all excited and exultant with the performance of the beauty.

As the yacht was launched, the hull felt the cold waters while the engine started to roar. The harbor walls were now in the backdrop when the American gas pedal which was the size of a man was powered. The vessel easily moved at a speed of 70+ knots and the rooster tail shot ten meters up. In a nutshell, the whole experience of the release was extremely unique. There was music from the huge organ pipes when the hull cut the waters and the vision of the design of mahogany deck was completely captivating and mesmerizing.

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