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News: Spend Your Valentine’s Day in Style this Year

February 14, 2010 by Superyacht News
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Bored of spending Valentine’s Day in the usual way? Then the most novel way of celebrating Valentine’s Day this year could be to board the world’s best superyachts that would cruise you to some beautiful and romantic place. Moreover, with styles like dining in Paris or Rome becoming old fashioned, chartering a superyacht, individually, would give an experience of complete freedom and comfort to discover few of the very exclusive locations on the globe.

Firstly, far exciting from a stay at a five star hotel, one will be able to enjoy the turquoise seas, secluded bays and pristine sandy beaches with the crew service available to satiate every demand whilst celebrating this special and romantic occasion. Those looking forward towards the occasion can make a choice by hiring any of the following superyachts:

Mirabella V

Mirabella V, one of the few splendid and largest single-mast yachts across the globe, ensures that the guests are provided with all the facilities to make their experience a unique one. They make sure that the crew is able to take care of all the necessities of the guests. One is likely to relax and enjoy various feature of this 75m sailing yacht such as wave runners, snorkeling gear, tows, windsurfers, an inflatable trampoline, two plunge pools on the fore deck, kayaks and a sauna. One can avail Mirabella V for a minimum three day charter services to Antigua, Barbuda and Green Island at the rate of US$60,000 for a single day plus other expenses.


The 46m Windrose consists of a classic hull and advance schooner rig. The sailing yacht looks highly attractive and provides the guests with a host of facilities of water toys and leisure activities. The sleek lines and opulent interiors styled by Dykstra & Partners make the whole chartering experience a luxurious affair. This beauty is available for charter at EUR€31,250 (excluding other expenses) for a three-day Valentines holiday in Antigua and Barbuda.


Sofico is another outstanding 42.6m yacht manufactured by CRN Ancona in 2009. The unique features of the exclusive yacht are its sleek exterior, flawless decoration of interiors, a Techno gym workout room, and fitness and wellness zone (convertible into a beach platform) and sauna. The charter rates for a three-day Valentines vacation to Capri are EUR€57,500 plus expenses.

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