Setzer Group

  1. Sorcha
    Rising Sun

    Yacht: Sorcha

    August 12, 2009 by Rising Sun

    Setzer Group was the designer for the interior ambiance. Superyacht Sorcha has a composite hull. The draft depth in m is 2.23 (7.3 ft) and the …

  2. Northern Marine 11501
    Philip Mein

    Yacht: Northern Marine 11501

    June 18, 2009 by Philip Mein

    Setzer Group was given the task of being responsible for the interior design. The material composite was utilised to fabricate the superyacht hull. Predominantly composite was utilised …

  3. Northern Marine 11502

    Yacht: Northern Marine 11502

    June 12, 2009 by Yachtie

    The design of the interior is by Setzer Group. Superyacht Northern Marine 11502 was built with a composite hull. Up top, the super structure is predominantly composite. More Specifications …

  4. Marama

    Yacht: Marama

    June 10, 2009 by Octopus

    The interior design theme can be attributed to Setzer Group. The material composite was employed in building the superyacht hull. The max depth in metres is 3.3 …