yacht club

  1. Capella Pedregal - a Residence Club With Yachts.

    Capella Pedregal – a Residence Club With Yachts.

    March 10, 2009 by john

    Owners of the Residences and Casonas are given entrée to the Capella Yacht Club and membership has its privileges. Owners have access to the entire fleet of Viking cruising and …

  2. Runaway Bay Marina

    Profile: Runaway Bay Marina

    September 29, 2008 by john

    The Runaway Bay Marina is situated on the broadwater in the Gold Coast, near Brisbane in Australia’s East Coast. Runaway Bay Marina provides First Class Facilities and Services: 179 on …

  3. New York Yacht Club

    Profile: New York Yacht Club

    by john

    The New York Yacht Club. John Cox Stevens and eight other progressive New York yachtsmen met aboard Stevens new yacht Gimcrack, seen in the thumbnail, during the afternoon of …

  4. Yacht Club de Monaco

    Profile: Yacht Club de Monaco

    by john

    The Yacht Club de Monaco is above all a story about men, energy, and strong will. Men who over a period of many years have fought to keep traditions and …