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March 6, 2010 by SueRobson
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I have been in Luxury yachting for 4+ years, and I love it.
Recently, Chief stew on a 125ft Hakvoort MY, Private/Charter, 7 crew.
I enjoy being busy, charters, a routine, getting things done, providing a prosperous environment, encouraging those who I am leading to expand on their skills, giving room for creative expression, therefore sharing the work, keeping the job from becoming stagnant.
I manage my time efficiently, have good computer skills including creating my own website. I have managed budgets, business plans, inventories, banking, spreadsheets, rosters, work lists for warranty work, set up new yachts and businesses, provisioned and sourced for all guests & crew needs, in new & remote regions, and created itineraries for guests based from the information I gathered of the local region we were going to.
I have many transferable skills which are serving me well in Luxury yachting, including Small Business Management, Guest relations & The Art of Communication. I am a professional, organised, happy young lady who takes pride in her job, self and environment.

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  1. SueRobson

    SueRobson on March 6, 2010

    Currently in Australia, actively seeking suitable yacht to join, as Chief or strong 2nd stewardess, LONG TERM, world cruising, willing to travel for appropriate yacht.
    View my website for more relevant information.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

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