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Super yacht Rising Sun by Lürssen

September 7, 2009 by Superyacht Design
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The 138 meters (or 458 feet) Super yacht Rising Sun, is one of the largest yacht of the world. Ranked 6th by one of the super yacht survey agency, Rising sun is also one of the most expensive yachts with a calculated price of about $ 200 million. Designed by the extremely talented yacht designer Jon Bannenberg, the yacht is famous for its enormous style, imaginative grandeur and extravagant interiors. The yacht is presently owned by the CEO of Oracle Corporation – billionaire Larry Edison.

The enormously spacious Rising Sun has been built by Lürssen in Bremen, Germany and features the most secured and luxurious environment. At the initial design stages the yacht was supposed to be only 120 meters long, but then the length was extended to 138 meters without any specific reason. To big to be a pleasure boat, the yacht is made of steel and has been fully designed according to the owner’s consent.

The first thing that strikes about the yacht is its extremely wide deck at the aft. The main attraction of the wide deck is two large doors that swing up when the boat is stationary and locks into position when the water is rough or the boat is moving. Both the doors are strong and rugged with high thickness and are provided with bolts that lock them into position when closed.

Once inside, a flight of stairs leads to the yacht’s first deck. The cabins at the first deck features outdoor chairs in a reddish finish with off-white cushions and a hot tub sunk into the deck. Moreover, furniture is immaculately done with enormous space to move around. The second deck is dedicated to sports and games and features a basketball court and sports room. The third deck is the main entertainment hub of the yacht, featuring plasma screen with surround sound systems. The deck accommodates cozy and non showy furniture with two large sets of cushions that form a square sitting arrangement. The deck also features a long outside table, favorable for organizing meeting. The table can sit 20 people around it.

The yacht also features an exquisite lounge area with a retro look. The whole area is done in a brownish decor with special focus on plush and comfort. At the extreme corner of the lounge there is a long dining table with a capacity of 20 people. Few walls of the lounge are decorated with stones and a wide hallway runs down from outside the lounge area to the below decks. Also, all the bathrooms of the yacht have under-lit marble floors and a contemporary modern look with trendy touch, whereas all the toilets have a metal base with wooden seats.

Few other salient features that the yacht carries are a huge inside swimming pool, an
extensive wine cellar, a mini cinema with surrounds sound system, private cinema with a giant plasma screen, gymnasium/spa and sauna, 3,300 m² of teak-layered deck space, large bathrooms with Jacuzzi, a basketball court that doubles as a helicopter pad and space for private submarine.
The propulsion system of the yacht consists of 4 x MTU 20V 8000 M90 engines along with four propellers, which provide the yacht with a full power of 36,000 KW or 50,000 HP. The yacht has a cruising speed of 28 knots and a maximum speed of 31.5 knots.

The yacht comprises of 82 rooms on five stories with a total living area of 8,000 square meters. The large suites can accommodate 16 guests. The yacht also has a full time staff

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