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Image: SuperYacht ANCORA and Art-Line Interior Design

January 29, 2010 by Yacht Designer
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A Photo of Ancora’s Main Deck Salon

The superyachts’ wonderful main deck consists of the open space main salon which can comfortably host all the guests on board in each of his sitting and dining areas.

Motor yacht ANCORA here displays the distinguish interior design signature of Marilyn Bos-de Vall and Frank Pieterse. There two interior designers are the founders of Art-Line which is a World Superyacht award winning design company. Their sublime work is evident in very corner of the yacht ANCORA.

Art-Line is renowned for an outstanding record of successfully catering for prestigious clients and ANCORA is the latest luxury yacht to become a part of this portfolio.

The fine choice of beautiful materials accompany a contemporary loose furniture and this creates the distinctive look and feel of a modern and fully custom 43M Baglietto ANCORA.

The wide use of color, form and texture turns each yacht designed by Art-Line into a stylish piece of art.

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