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News: Superyacht Italcraft 90 by Italcraft Shipyard

January 24, 2010 by Superyacht Design
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Italcraft shipyard at Gaeta (LT) was established in 1955 by Sergio and Mario Sonnino Sorisio. The focal point of this shipyard is to make fast motor yachts with length varying from 11 to 31 meters. Currently, a part of the InRizzardi group, the shipyard is busy with the construction of one of the finest yachts entering the yacht market.

Italcraft 90, the latest boat from the shipyard, is a part of the series of open sport boats launched in 2010 and which promises to be different from all the existing ones in the market. Basically, an open boat is used to get the feel of outdoor areas and to have a sense of independence. For the same reason, the Italcraft 90 is designed, keeping in mind that the guests should be able to feel the vastness on the boat.

Majorly, there are three open areas on the boat, all meant for privacy of the guests and also to give them independence. The designers have given a special type of astern to the yacht which has a large cockpit along with three large sofa-chaise lounges. Secondly, there is also a living room with a C shaped sofa and double sundeck at bow. Finally, on the top level of the hull, the yacht flaunts an extraordinary sunbathing area.

Italcraft 90 also has exclusive verandas, all built in glass. Located at the center of the boat, the dining area can be used with the back and the side areas all open, creating a vast space for holding meeting and evening parties. The yacht’s windowed structure also makes sure that it offers a total plain-air setting to the crowds present on board the yacht.

Moreover, clear natural light filters in from a circular window built on the ceiling of the stern living-room. Even at bow, the designers have made double sliding doors which allow natural air and light to enter in the living area. There are two symmetrical staircases leading from the bridge towards the four cabins on the left side of the deck below. Each of these cabins has a private bathroom. Moreover, the guests can also access the huge kitchen and its adjoining crew area from the right side of the cabins.

For crew, there are two double cabins and a private bathroom provided on the boat. Entering the sundeck through the main deck, a roll-way staircase is a unique set up and also the salient feature of the boat. When the staircase is not in use, it joins the signal mast area while clearing the cockpit making the boat a unique experience for everyone.

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