News: Superyacht KAORI to the rescue.

July 10, 2009 by john
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Sailing yacht Kaori (ex Mandalay), a 38.1 metre Palmer Johnson Ketch superyacht came to the aid of a small cruising yacht in distress in the South pacific.

The smaller cruising yacht called True Love had suffered two weeks of being becalmed and drifting off course. After being pushed hundreds of miles west into the Pacific, between Acapulco and Cocos, the yacht had run out of food, water and fuel; a serious predicament for any vessel miles from land.

The crew on yacht True Love contacted a friend ashore and the Association of Yacht Support Services (AYSS) set about organising the rescue. Ernesto Conejo of Paramares in Costa Rica was initially contacted, who in turn contacted Mark Drewelow of C2C in San Diego, who then contacted their client, SY Kaori. The superyacht Kaori was making its way from Mexico to Cocos.

When the Captain of SY Kaori, Johan Raubenheimer, heard of the plight of the yacht True Love he changed course and and meet the yacht, offering water, fuel and supplies.

What a fantastic example of goodwill on the high seas and comradeship among sailors.

Well done to the crew of sailing yacht Kaori, AYSS, and C2C for the ocean rescue!

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