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News: Superyacht PARI Heading to Genoa

July 11, 2009 by Yacht Designer
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Motor yacht PARI has now been wielded up at Villefranche dry dock and is heading to Genoa for a full repair. The superyacht had been damaged and holed so severely that she required 14 wielders working around the clock for 3 days to merely patch her up for the journey to the Amico shipyard in Italy, a journey which began on Thursday.

M/Y PARI dragged her anchors (only one was deployed) in 45 knot onshore winds near Cap Ferrat back on the 30th of May. She then spent several weeks on the rocks in Beaulieu, France whilst salvage was organised. The salvage eventually involved a partial mending of her holes, the stripping of her rudders, propellers and stabilizer fins, the pumping over incoming water and the use of large floatation devices imported from Germany for the task. She was then towed around the corner to a dry dock facility for further work.

The initial consideration of using a large barge crane to lift the superyacht was subsequently discounted due to lack of availability of a floating crane.

Apparently the yacht insurance company, Pantaenius, has been instrumental in the organization of the salvaging of PARI.

Images are courtesy of SYNFO news.

There is a detailed write up about the ‘PARI incident’ over at SYNFO here: http://www.synfo.com/news/allnews.asp?news=&id=13962

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