Product: Swimming like a Dolphin – LUNOCET self-powered propulsion

March 9, 2010 by yachtlover
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Lunocet swimming device will get you swimming with a grace of a dolphin at an unbelievable speed and even breach the water.
Lunocet was created by American company Ciamillo Components. This product is a biometric swimming device easily recognizable as being modeled after whales and dolphins, who are blessed by the nature with lunate tails. It allows you to do exactly as these creatures in the water.

It is designed to launch you out of the water, buy producing an explosive burst of energy large into enough acceleration in a very short distance. Just like dolphins do.

The Lunocet currently carries a price tag of US$1,150 and is available in black with lunoblue, moray green, orange ruffian, red tide, or black sea wasp accents.


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