News: Synthetic Teak for Boats & Yachts

July 14, 2010 by jezzb
Synthetic Teak for Boats & Yachts

Teak Decks on boats are a luxury these days and Composite teak decking has become a symbol of a good quality boat, not just a form of construction.
If you like the look and feel of real teak decking,with virtuall no maintenance, then look no further than ‘DEK-KING’ Synthetic teak decking. DEK-KING is used globally and in many different climates, appearing on mega yachts, production boats, sail and motor boats World-Wide.

DEK-KING is fully UV Stabilised and it does not fade, crack or rot like real teak does. Red wine and fish blood rinse off easily without staining. It has non slip qualities even when wet and is lighter and cheaper
than real teak wood. The product is available as a DIY kit as no special welding tools are required to join the PVC profiles together or we can do a complete installation for you.

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