News: Tankoa Yachts unveils new 50m superyacht S501 project

July 24, 2014 by black
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The main parameters that were given to the designer and ended up being an integral part of the project:

- Simple administration and reduced management cost. The S501 superyacht’s displacement will be kept under the 500 Gross Tons mark.

- Reasonable consumption. The S501 hull – even in its full displacement version – will be built in light alloy to reduce weight and the need for kW at a given speed. Three power packages will be offered for respective top speeds of 16, 18 and 27 knots.

- Amenities. Under both technical and layout aspects, the S501 concept derives from the principle that form follows function. While most of the 50 meter yachts available on the market are evolutions of existing models, with new “trends” in equipment and amenities fitted at a later date, the S501 yacht has been conceived and engineered around the modern amenities.

- Design within 499 GT. The choice of Francesco Paszkowski was a natural fit considering the long lasting relationship between the star designer and Tankoa’s executives. His mission was clear: to design a breath-taking yacht that would allow the integration of all modern equipment and amenities while maximizing guest and owner space while staying at 499 GT.

- Hull design from cruise ships. The hull design has been assigned to Massimo Visibelli whose work is famous in the cruise ship industry. He is also considered an eminent design expert of hydrofoil hulls.

- Running comfort. Most clients are concerned about silence and running comfort. For these reasons, S501 has been designed with a modified plumb bow, a wide hard chine and high free board to minimize spray when at speed.

- Enjoying the sea. Another widespread desire of yacht owners is to enjoy the sea around them. For this reason, the Tankoa S501 yacht is equipped with hydraulic lateral foldout terraces on the aft deck, floor to ceiling windows in the dining room, safety-glass balconies aft, sliding side windows in the dining room, foldout balconies in the master cabin, and a panoramic view of the sea from wherever owners or guests may be seated.

- Extended outdoor spaces. Three huge sun pads and three external dining areas are part of the initial design package offered with the luxury yacht S501. A swimming pool may also be included in the package.

- Oversized teak-finished tender garage for a 6,50 meter RIB, that converts to a real beach-club once the transom door is opened.

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