News: The 2010-2011 Service University of Ferretti Group comes to close

April 21, 2011 by yachtlover
The 2010-2011 Service University of Ferretti Group comes to close

The 2010-2011 Service University of Ferretti Group comes to close. A fundamental appointment for training its worldwide service network, the Ferretti Group Service University is a true “school”, the aim of which is to provide in-depth technical updates for the diverse professional figures operating within the structures of the many Group-authorized service points, thus ensuring all Owners the guarantee of a top quality after sales service.

This year, the training sessions were organized at the Ferretti Group’s various production facilities, and were divided into geographical areas, according to the new organization of the After Sales & Service Division, with the aim of devoting increasingly more attention, and working more intensely, to satisfy the very different requirements of each specific territory.

The first appointment was for Italian Service Points, followed by a second, in English, for those of Europe, the Middle East and the USA. A third session was specially prepared to respond to the significant adhesion from the countries of the Far East, Africa and South America.

Said session flanks the already existing training activities for on-site technicians which Ferretti has now been running for several years in these areas.

The training days organized by the Ferretti Group’s After Sales & Service Division included significant collaboration from the highly skilled, specialized staff of the Ferretti Group AYT (Advanced Yacht Technology, one of the most advanced naval research and design centres in the world) and the Group’s primary technical suppliers (Besenzoni, CCLG, Condaria, Fluiten, Furlanetto, Idromar, Naviop, Twin Disc, ZF).

The wide range of classroom courses, focusing on the different kinds of professionalism and expertise operating within the service points alternated with visits to and on-the-job training in shipyards and on-board the yachts, providing participants with an opportunity to assist with and learn about the various stages of the production and maintenance processes of the various parts and systems.

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