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News: The Bvcintoro Project Revisited

August 18, 2009 by Superyacht Design
The Bvcintoro Project Revisited

It always take years to build a masterpiece. Time, patience and valor are three things that play an important role in delivering the best. All these masterpieces have their own exceptional and intriguing histories. Here is One such spectacular story of The Bvcintoro project.

It all started in the year 1991, when Raul Gardini initiated the Bvcintoro project at the Tencara Shipyard, in Porto Marghera. The same constructor was responsible for the building of Moro di Venezia and Mascalzone Latino, the sail boats that took Italy to the America´s Cup.

The proposed plan at that time was a well carved one. The the end of the process would yield a yacht that would be the most beautiful yacht in the world. This beautiful 60m super yacht was designed by German company Frers and it featured a fast hull, like the one that is generally seen in the America´s Cup. The hull was constructed from Epoxy, carbon and Kevlar composites.

But at the start of 1993, the things started to get sour. The construction of the yacht was put on hold due to some reason. At that time the yacht had only finished with her main hull.

Then after a long gap of six year, in 1999, the Tencara yard was sold to the Venezian entrepreneur Stefano Gavioli.But the result of the yard going in some good hands didn’t turn out beneficial for The Bvcintoro Project. The yard never saw any work on the project during those years. Unfortunately, after the launch of Mascalzone Latino in 2002, Stefano Gavioli decided to stop activities at the yard. The result, Bvcintoro was left in the same incomplete state, parked and unattended in front of the Tencara´s shipyard.

Then in February 2009, the yacht and its plan were bought by a new owner. The owner invited Alex Pirard Yacht Design to develop a new exterior design proposal.

The design team made new plans and came out with few innovative designs. Though the images were just a preliminary study, Bucintoro is proposed to have 2 carbon fiber masts, the first one will be 61m tall, while the second will be 45m, with around 2.100 meter square of 3D laminated sails.

Moreover, the design plans also features a spacious deck with a glass enclosed deck house. The deck house is proposed to be constructed with a combination of carbon fiber and structural glass. It also features a navigation cockpit, in addition to a living room with a spacious saloon, a 12 places dinning table, a library and a bar.

The doors, will either be sliding type or the ones that open to the exterior. Most part of the yacht will have sliding doors, which can close off the interiors, but if the guests want to have a feel of sun, wind and water, the doors can be opened fully to make the yacht an open boat kind.

In front of the deck house, there will be an exterior lounge area, which feature a high-tech Bimini where the guests can relax in a safe and luxurious environment. Moreover, the stern of the yacht will be provided with another exterior guest area, with comfortable sofas and a sunbathing area with sun loungers.

The interior layout has been planned with few different options having distinct arrangements, depending on the requirements of the owner. One option will consist of a Master Suite with a private living room, 1 VIP Cabin and 2 double cabins. In the front part of the guest area, there will be 4 cabins for the crew.

Moreover the yacht has been designed in such a way that the color, trim and materials selected for the arrangement will combine exclusive woods and leather arrangements in order to create a comfortable and relaxed ambiance.

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