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News: The Falmouth – Falmouth Rum Race 2012

May 10, 2010 by Superyacht News
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The year 2012 is expected to unfold with an exciting event to be jointly organized by Pendennis and Antigua Yacht Club. Known as the Falmouth Rum Race 2012, the event would charge a fee of $500 and a case of rum for enjoying the party at the dockside in Falmouth, UK.

Falmouth Rum Race 2012 is also reported to be following the opposite route of the traditional Route de Rosé. The beginning point would be the Antigua Yacht Club in Falmouth Harbor, Antigua. Moreover, the regatta will also feature Antigua classics while offering the participants to choose to begin early and halt at the Azores on the way. Basically, the race will be a transatlantic fun regatta for the 2012 Olympic superyacht programme in the UK.

Many of the crew members during the St Barth’s Bucket have already shown their interest to participate in a race which has a similar design as that of “Route de Rosé” which runs from St Tropez to St Barth’s. Usually, Route de Rosé used to begin in St Tropez at the end of the Mediterranean season in October-mid and get over in St Barth’s at the onset of the Caribbean season, on the first Saturday of December.

In Route de Rosé, it was mandatory for the yachts to carry several cases of Rosé aboard. Moreover, the participants had to ensure that one case had to reach the dock in St Barth’s for the grand celebrations at the completion of the race. The one who finishes in the shortest duration will be considered to be the winner. This also lets the participants begin at different times or end on the way en route to St Barth’s.

In the words of Kenny Coombs of the Antigua Yacht Club, their team is very delighted to have participated in this exciting regatta which will definitely bring in hordes of yachts for collaboration with various extraordinary, UK-based regattas in 2012.

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