The Largest Private Boat – ECLIPSE the Superyacht

July 26, 2009 by Octopus
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Motor boat ECLIPSE is the largest and newest superyacht in the world. This boat is causing quite a stir amongst yachting enthusiasts and media, who have so far been starved of details regarding the superyacht. There are no new images or photos of yacht ECLIPSE. Please upload them to the site if you have any.

When further details of the yacht are published, motor boat ECLIPSE is sure to bring further interest and media attention. There is already much interest from yachting enthusiasts as to what the yacht looks like inside.

Photographs of the yacht’s interior or even deck images are not in existence as yet and the building and finishing is not even completed. Yacht ECLIPSE will certainly feature in the ‘World Superyacht Awards 2010’ and be on the front page of most superyacht magazines, both online and hard copy, when and if further details are released.

What is known about motor boat ECLIPSE:

- There has been no official public confirmation as yet regarding the superyacht’s size or specific features
- Motor yacht ECLIPSE is believed to be the biggest private yacht in the world, more of a ‘gigayacht’ than a ‘megayacht’ or superyacht.
- She is approximately 170 metres (560 ft) long (LOA. length overall)
- The second largest superyacht is the UAE royal yacht DUBAI and she just over 162 meters long
- It could be argued that motor yacht DUBAI is a ‘state’ yacht and not really private anyway.
- the private luxury boat ECLIPSE was built around 4 years by Germany shipbuilders Blohm & Voss
- Blohm & Voss is part of Thyssenkrupp, a giant industrial construction company based in Hamburg
- Roman Abramovich commissioned the construction of the yacht and he is the owner
- The Owner of ECLIPSE is of Russian / UK nationality
- She was launched on the 12th of June 2009 in Germany
- She will be delivered to the owner entirely completed at the end of 2009 or early 2010
- Naval architecture was by Blom + Voss and Terence Disdale
- Hermidas Atabeyki was the yacht designer as well as famous superyacht designer Terrence Disdale
- Interior design was by Terrence Disdale and Greenline Yacht Interiors
- The boat has a gross tonnage of around 13,000 tonnes
- Boat Eclipse has two helicopter pads
- There are 11 guest cabins with private ensuites
- She boasts two swimming pools on deck
- She has several hot outdoor tubs
- There is a disco hall
- The boat has several internal lifts
- 3 launchable smaller boats called tenders
- The superyacht has a mini-submarine capable of a depth of 50 meters
- As well as various high tech security technology, such as motion sensors and armor plating
- There is around 70 full time yacht crew and staff including bodyguards
- she is fitted with an intruder detection systems
- she has a German built missile defense system
- bullet proof glass in key areas such as Mr Ambamovich’s master suite
- Roman Abramovich’s owns four other motor yachts which are positioned strategically around the world
- Ambromovich’s other superyachts are called Pelorus (the 15th largest yacht at 110m LOA), Ecstasea (the world’s 32nd largest yacht at 85.95M) Sussurro (161ft).
- in June of 2006 Abramovich gifted one of his environmentally friendly explorer motor yacht “Le Grand Bleu” to his associate and friend Eugene Shvidler
- motor yacht “Le Grand Bleu” is currently the 14 largest yacht at 113m
- Eclipse’s Hull material is Steel and her hull number is 988
- Superstructure material is Steel
- Several diesel engines propel the huge boat to a cruise speed of 22 knots and a Maximum speed is 25 knots
- The yacht is Flagged in Bermuda
- ECLIPSE’s official Port of registry is Hamilton

What is not know about motor yacht ECLIPSE

- The exact price of the yacht or the total cost to build ECLIPSE
- The interior design details and photos of the interior
- Plans of the yacht’s interior layout
- How many submarines the yacht has
- Whether there is a secret clandestine escape submarine so Abramovich can escape the yacht should it become compromised
- The exact capabilities of the sophisticated security devices and electronics
- Whether the yacht was delivered on time and on budget.

Image credit: geenstijl.nl

LiveYachting will bring you further details of motor boat Eclipse as they come to hand, so please stay tuned. Also, if you are award of any interior images and new details concerning the superyacht please upload them onto the website.

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  1. akayemm

    akayemm on July 27, 2009

    Wow ! This is what we call as ‘toys for boys’.Will any one tell me or coin the feminin counter part of ‘toys….’ , please ?

  2. PowerYachtBlog

    PowerYachtBlog on July 27, 2009

    to big, IMO what sense of yacht remains in such a big boat
    and not only for this
    I say for all above 100 metres plus the size becomes to much
    a yacht is to be in contact with water not a cruise ship but with 5 or 6 rooms
    may be I launch a provocation with this, and see other people thoughts

  3. tfussell

    tfussell on September 15, 2009

    Just spotted leaving the docks and heading out to sea 11:00 15 Oct in Finkewerder

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