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News: The New 62 m Giant Green Catamaran Concept : Event Cat

March 16, 2010 by Superyacht News
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Coste Design & Partner and Blue Coast Yachts’ latest development is the striking 62m design known as the Event Cat. An innovative mega-catamaran model made from first class and light weight materials, the Event Cat has a wide beam of 22 meters which makes the yacht highly unique. It is expected that Event Cat will carve a different future for the luxury yachting.

The idea behind this mega catamaran is the brain child of the designer Jean-Jacques Coste and Blue Coast Yachts. Initially, it was planned to cater to the charter requirements for large parties and events; however, the plans changed later.

The company made use of extremely modern and lightweight composite materials like Kevlar, Carbon and Epoxy Resin in the construction of the yacht. These materials are not only powerful and light in nature but can also be recycled. These components provide longevity to the vessel and lower the maintenance costs to a greater extent.

The new project of the Coste and Blue Coast Yachts will also be built to follow the eco-friendly norms and will have state-of-the-art propulsion technology. According to Jean-Jacques Coste, the team aims at reducing their carbon imprint by making low emission propulsion with hybrid and fuel cell solutions. These methods will suffice the need for a cleaner, cost effective process to produce power and weight distribution with no loss of speed.

The super wide beam of the mega-catamaran offers a generous place on the yacht to have helipads, swimming pools, home cinemas, diving equipment chambers and large entertainment spaces indoors. This elegant catamaran has spacious and ground-breaking interiors accommodation like the Coste Design mezzanine, dual level loft designs and full width, foredeck master suite with 180 degree views. Moreover, it also has room for three large guest suites in each hull. This design will also allow the 62m yacht to sail for longer distances. Thus, as rightly quoted by Jean-Jacques Coste, the innovation becomes the driving force for the team, and the Event Cat model features grace and environmental friendly of a kind unknown to the yachting world.

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