Product: The Ocean Pearl Submersible by SEAmagine Hydrospace Corp

November 21, 2008 by john
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LOA: from 4.53m, Speed 2 knots, Max Depth 152-915m depending on the specific model.

Person on board Capacity is 2. Price from $1,2 million.

The Ocean Pearl submersible is a state of the art technology for underwater exploration. The submarine is specifically designed for the luxury yacht market.

This SEAmagine luxury 2-person transparent submersible has a depth rating of 500 feet (153 m) and its transparent spherical cabin offers an unprecedented panoramic view to its occupants. Contacted in 2006 by the luxury yacht Amevi for a small submarine, SEAmagine responded with an enhanced version of its scientific and commercial submersible design with a focus on comfort, safety, and simplicity of operation to ensure a realistic product for the luxury yacht market.

With over 72 hours of life support, this environmentally friendly electric underwater vehicle meets all the standards of the latest scientific submersibles but with the comfort and luxury of first class seats underwater. All of SEAmagine’s submersible are classed by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), meet the regulations of the Cayman Island Shipping Registry. and have a long-standing record of excellence for over 10 years.

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