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April 7, 2012 by sailingcharterturkey
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The popularity of gulets and gulet charters have been increasing quite rapidly in the last few years. Holidaymakers are becoming more familiar with what exactly a gulet is and what kind of wonderful alternatives they can add to yacht charter holidays in Turkey. Of course gulet holidays are not limited to only Turkey. Countries such as Greece and Croatia too, offer gulet charters. However the birthplace, the origin of gulets are from Turkey; namely the city of Bodrum, where they first began to manufacture these Turkish yachts called gulets.

Blue cruises in Turkey can range from just about any embarkation point along the coastline and disembark just the same. The most popular gulet charter destinations are cities of Bodrum, Marmaris habour, Fethiye Bay, Gulf of Gokova and the charming town of Gocek. With over 500 gulets in the marketplace, there certainly a gulet for every style and preference.

The Turkish yachts are made of various types of wood and handcrafted where it can take up to 1- 3 years to complete the construction of a gulet. They have no specific classification and are distinguished according to their features, size and quality. But for the purpose of being more clear, guests can find gulets labelled in the following classes; High Deluxe, otherwise known as VIP and the “top of line” gulets; then there are the Deluxe class gulets, slightly lower than than High Deluxe and the most popular class for luxury yacht charters in Turkey. The Luxe or Standard class gulets are very budget friendly and are just about as popular as the Deluxe gulets. Sometimes there is even a lower class, referred to much older gulets built before 2000.

When it comes to choosing which is best for your gulet cruise holidays, the above points should be taken into consideration, however the determining factors for many holidaymakers is the price of the gulet. So initially, it is up to how much you can afford for your week long gulet sailing charter.

There are other requirements that are requested by guests that also play an important role in choosing which gulet is right for them; such as space. The size of the gulet. The cabin sizes and quantities. A guest may be tall and gulet cabins do not have high ceilings. So a cabin with a large bed is important for a comfortable sleep.

A gulet may need to be choosen based on its cabin types. Within a group of guests, depending on how many adults, couples and children will be on board, the gulet should provide the right cabin types for each guest. Couples will require a VIP, Master or Double cabin; where children may not and a twin cabin may suffice.

The crew is probably one of the most important part of the gulet sailing trip. The crew must be able to serve according to the guests needs. So a charter agent should offer gulets with a crew that will best match the needs of the guests during a Blue cruise gulet holiday.

Food and itineraries are probably the last things guests should be thinking about as these are the points that are the most flexible. Comfort and service first and then food and itineraries. A charter agent should provide a Preferences List for the guest to fill out so that the crew knows what to buy to serve for meals and drinks, as well as any allergies that a guest or guests may have. Guests are also welcome to bring on board their own groceries.

Activities are certainly something that is needed if its a family gulet holiday. Many children love the water. So there are things you may wish to do, again let your charter agent know so that the gulet can provide them on your yacht charter holiday. Most gulets have the snorkelling masks and flippers, fishing gear, and canoe. But if you are after more adrenalin style sports like jet skiis or water skiis, banana boats and the like, ask for them.

These are just some of the more obvious points to consider when searching for the right gulet to charter for your Blue cruise holidays. Talk to your yacht charter agent, express your concerns and things that you expect from your holiday. The more information you can provide the better you will be understood, and the easier it will be to find the right gulet charter for you.

Happy gulet hunting!

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