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September 6, 2012 by derinblu
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Private Gulet Charter – Turkey is home to the origin of fascinating yet traditional style yachts called gullets. They provide the ultimate in dream vacations and become one of the most ideal holiday styles for families, groups and couples seeking a private gulet charter in Turkey.

Gulets are made from various woods of mahogany, teak and pine. The quality of these woods, and workmanship is dependent on the owner who has it built, or builds it himself. The actual place of the creation of gulets comes from the spectacular city of Bodrum. There are many shipyards that can be visited to see these handmade yachts created. Way back when, the process was a lot simpler than it is today. With construction standards and architectural advancement, gulets are built to higher standards combining modern technology in the process. However that is not to say that the older ones are not any good. They can be. As these vessels are made from wood, they require a good upkeep. Therefore, generally each year, after the private gulet charter season has come to an end, during the winter season, gulets are taken into the marinas or shipyards where they go through a thorough refit and maintenance.

Gulets during refit period in winter in Bozburun Turkey
What makes gulets so much more appealing to some travelers than motor yachts or bareboats can be a variety of features. It could be its characteristic elegance. Afterall most of them are quite classic in design. They are also traditional in feeling by portraying the Turkish culture.

Private gulet charter holidays also offer a feeling of pure freedom and relaxation. The itineraries are quite flexible, provided the conditions are right to make changes. The service on board many gulet charters are personal and friendly, while maintaining a level of professionalism.

Meal times are great during private gulet charters from Turkey
There are so many different places to explore aboard a private gulet cruise. From the Whole Turkish Mediterranean coastline to the Dodecanese Islands in Greece. It’s all about having fun, good conversation, great food, relaxing and being served throughout your holiday.

Enjoy water activities during your blue cruise holidays
It’s also about enjoying the sites, the different cultures, visiting interesting historical places and having a good time in the sea with water toys, swimming, snorkeling and whatever else your heart desires! Traveling by a gulet sailboat is altogether different than traveling by land, especially on a private yacht hire made just for you!

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