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April 1, 2014 by guletcruises
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Planning for a yacht charter holiday in Turkey does not need a great deal of planning. But still if you pay heed to some important things then your trip can be an awesome one, undoubtedly. And this might carry you returning for another season of fun in the sun and sea.
Since you are visiting a new place you should be very much aware of the distances of the different places from the airport terminals.

The primary slots of disembarkation are Gocek and Fethiye in the Mediterranean; and Marmaris and Bodrum in the Aegean. The nearest of all is Gocek, a simple 20 minute drive from the Dalaman airport terminal. Fethiye is 40 minutes away from Dalaman. While Bodrum is also 40 minutes drive away from the Milas airport terminal. And last of all is Marmaris which 90 km away from the Dalaman airport terminal.

The next aspect is selecting your luxury vessel; a yatch, a boat or a gulet. Turkey is mostly well known for private holiday vacations on board ships we call gulets.

There are 5 categories of gulet vessel charters. Starting from the smallest to the biggest are economic, luxury, luxurious, super luxurious and VIP. Prior to booking a vessel figure out the time period in which you wish to journey, how many people will be in your group and your budget. From this factor, gulets can be chosen based on your departure, time period of journey and your budget.

Once you have selected the gulet of your choice, it’s time to think about the food. Foodies, this paragraph is dedicated to you! Visitors are welcome to buy their own foods and other conditions with the help of the team and broker.

Now that everything is organized (included in the cost of the luxury vessel holiday with YNG Yachting), gulet reservation finished, meals and conditions organized and first payment made; it’s about time to start thinking about packaging.

You are going to be on a vessel, in the heat, sun, in the water, at sea, and remaining in a cottage (big or not, space is still limited).

Don’t pack like you’re going across the Ocean for 6 months. Many of the products that you might forget can usually be discovered later on when required. Besides, the less you pack the less you have to deal with when you get at home.

Try to use soft baggage so that you can flip them up and store them in the closets in your cottage. You might like to carry one extra returning pack for all the new products and gifts you may buy during your gulet visiting holiday.

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