Turk Yacht Expands Operations to 2 Continents for Yacht Charter in Turkey

March 31, 2012 by yachtcharterluxury
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An authority in the yacht charter sector in Turkey, Turk Yacht directors; Tufan Gules and Eyup Bayraktaroglu announced yesterday, during the preliminaries on the launch of their prized legendary yacht, the Grande Mare gullet, that they have expanded their operations to 2 continents.

Turkey Yacht Charter Grande Mare gulet
The Grande Mare is scheduled to launch in early April 2012, shortly a month after their other newly refitted yacht, the Dea Del Mare, which was released into the Marmaris habour in Februrary of 2012.

Luxury Turkey Yacht Charter Dea Del Mare
The two gullets were purchased this year in efforts to expand their current yacht charter fleet for the rapidly growing gulet tourism in Turkey.

“We are expecting a very promising future in the yacht sector, particularly for gulet tourism in Turkey”, states Mr. Bayraktaroglu. He further states, “We have been in the yacht charter and brokerage industry for over a decade and have seen a substantial growth in the area of gulet charters, particularly in last few years. As a result, we felt it necessary to not only expand our fleet but also broaden our operations for business”.

Turk Yacht & Gulet Charter are in the process of finalizing this new expansion early this season. They will be maintaining their operations for the yacht charter and brokerage sectors not only from Southern Turkey, but also from Southwestern Asia and Southwestern Europe. A part of their yacht charter fleet will be chartered at different times of the year in theses areas of the globe. Details will be announced at a later date.

“The gulet charter holidays are still quite new to the global holiday marketplace, however we are confident that we will be able to spread a recognizable introduction, followed by increased demand, in other areas of the globe”, states Mr. Bayraktaroglu.

Turk Yacht has added new departments to their head office operations in Turkey. Their team offers services in five languages, inclusive of English, German, Spanish, French and Hebrew; which allows to effectively communicate with clients from around the world. Turk Yacht also has an in-house Internet and Media department; as well as Marketing and Public Relations department who communicate with their associates in different countries. This places a great advantage in the private yacht charter sector for the company. Having an in-house multilingual team who are proficient in their own languages stands to creating a leading edge and effective correspondence with associates and yacht charter guests.

Luxury gulets may place an positive impact on Blue Voyage travels worldwide, as holidaymakers continue to search for unique holiday styles and destinations with longer holiday seasons in the sun. Turkey and its neighbor Greece are certainly one of those places for yacht charter holidays that last for 3 seasons a year. As both countries are located on the Mediterranean and the Aegean seas; it therefore offers a long list of destinations to choose from and visit for guests.

Yacht charter destination Gocek, Turkey
Turk Yacht director, Mr. Gules expresses that they are off to a very good start in the season, as some of their yachts have already been fully booked for the year and hopes that the following years will prove to be even better in luxury yacht charter holidays.

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