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News: TWC Compact tempering units by Dometic Marine

November 3, 2009 by Superyacht News
TWC Compact tempering units by Dometic Marine

Dometic Marine recently announced the introduction of its three new models of Cruisair’s TWC Compact tempering units. The new tempering units will expand Dometic’s product range from 24 000 (2 tonne) to 72 000 (6 tonne) and 72 000 (6 tonne) BTU per hour units and occupy the same compact footprint as the lower-capacity TWC 36 000 model.

The new TWC tempering units feature a compact and enclosed high-performance design that has proven to be cost effective for boat owners. The new three new models not only add to the versatility of this line but also allow for larger capacities by multiplexing several units.

The TWC Compact is a reverse-cycle tempering unit for both cooling and heating. Each unit includes a chilled water flow switch, high and low refrigerant pressures switches, and inlet and outlet CW temperature sensors. The TWC does not include a CW modulating flow control but features a brazed plate coil evaporator and coaxial cupronickel seawater condenser allowing for the cooling and heating. Moreover, all TWC chillers come with R410A which, according to Dometic, is the preferred environmentally safe refrigerant used in modern, high-efficiency air conditioning systems. The “green gas” refrigerant complies with the environmental mandates that go into effect in 2010, as set forth in the Montreal Protocols.

The two control systems are available for the chillers – the standard Digital Diagnostic Control that provides simple, single-stage operation, and the Tempered Water Logic Control for multiplexed systems. An electrical box mounted on top of the chiller houses the control board as well as starting components, and can be mounted remotely up to 1.8m away.

Dometic Marine

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