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June 28, 2009 by Yacht News
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Düsseldorf – 27.06.09 – In the wake of the recent recession in the commercial markets all over the world and especially in the economically affluent Western countries, many manufacturers of super yacht were in grave doubts about the ultimate fate of their products.

Thus when Jongert was commissioned in May 2009, the fate of its annual owners’ Regatta was clouded. It was not known whether they will survive the recent downward slope and recession in the market. However, Herbert Dahm of the Dahm International stepped in at this juncture, and he with his team reorganized and revamped the enterprise with their dedicated and relentless efforts.

“Held on 3-6 June, the regatta saw 11 Jongerts meet for a relaxed cruising trip from Palma de Mallorca to the island of Cabrera and via Porto Colom back to Palma. Yachts taking part ranged in size from the 16m Cynghala up to the 32m Fidelitas and many of the owners have already confirmed their participation next year”, reported Brokerage News, one of the leading online exponents of super yacht news and the market trends.

A couple of super yachts enjoying the regatta have been lined up for sale. They are the 30 meters long Black Molly III available with Dahm and Azzura that is 27 meters long and is available with another noted manufacturer Northrop and Johnson. The price offered by Dahm for Black Molly III is ₤3.95 million while that of Azzura offered by Northrop and Johnson is ₤5.95 million.

“If you desire to have the full view and description of the two super yachts for sale the Black Molly III and Azzura, you can log on to the website of boatinternational.com”, said Jeremy Roche, Sales Director, Boat International.com. In the meantime the prestigious yard Jongert has been bought out by Holland’s Veka Group.

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