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July 12, 2010 by yachtlover
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On the 24th of June Jongert Shipyard launched Motor Yacht Uisge Beatha (translation: water of life), a Jongert 2400M. The aluminum, sloop rigged yacht with closed wheelhouse  and open cockpit has been built for a Scottish owner who wanted to be able to sail the yacht together with her partner without a crew. In the past the owners had a shipyard themselves and they have orientated themselves worldwide before they made their choice. ‘After our search the choice was simple. Only this Jongert yacht meets all our needs.’

Always our dream

‘We have followed Jongert for about 35 year’, says the owner. ‘And all that time we have been  impressed by the quality of the Jongert yachts. When we still had a shipyard ourselves,  Jongert always was a source of inspiration for us.  It happened more than once that during a boatshow we  looked very closely at a Jongert Yacht, more or less with a ruler and notebook at the ready. Then we applied these ideas to our yachts. Some years ago we have withdrawn from the yachtbuilding industry, but our attention for Jongert has never disappeared. We  started a company in another branch of industry, which was a big success.  Last year we sold our company and now we can realize our dream. And that is our own Jongert yacht. This Jongert yacht. The superyacht Uisge Beatha, is a superyacht you can sail with your partner only.

‘The Jongert 2400M is a superyacht with everything that goes with it’, says a spokesman of the shipyard. ‘In addition to the double master cabin there are berths for seven guests. That’s more than enough to accommodate family and crew. But since the owners wishes are to make long voyages together, Jongert has equipped the yacht in such a way that they can sail the yacht all by themselves.’ Although the yacht is not built like a ‘racer’ the spokesman is convinced that it can compete rather well in races.

Remarkably well accessible engine room
For the owner the large dimensions, the accessibility and the convenient arrangement of the engine room have been the deciding factors to choose the 2400M. ‘Just because of our experience as yachtbuilders we know how important it is, especially on long voyages, to be able to work comfortably in the engine room. Everything is organized in such a way, that you don’t have to remove a part to get access to the part you need to work on. It is also very special, that there is sufficient headroom in the engine room . I want an engine room I am capable of managing. As far as I am concerned this yacht offers the perfect engine room.’

Owner closely involved in realization special wishes
As the owners are enthusiastic divers, they have expressed the wish to install a davit to be able to launch their 4,8 meter RIB within a few seconds. ‘The design of the 2400M is not suitable for the installation of a davit’, explains the owner. ‘And although we were afraid that a davit would ruin the beautiful lines, that is not the case. The model of the davit, we once designed ourselves, has been adapted by the Jongert Design Team to suit the 2400M. The beautiful lines have been kept fully intact. Again an example of the outstanding cooperation  with Jongert we experienced during the construction of this yacht.’

Specifications Jongert 2400M Uisge Beatha Yacht
Naval Architecture hull    Doug Peterson
Exterior design        Jongert Design Team
Interior design   Jongert Design Team
Hull          aluminum
Superstructure   aluminum

Main dimensions

Length over all  24,30 m
Length over waterline   21,26 m
Beam over all       6,48 m
Draught   3,00 m
Displacement   58     
Fuel capacity    4.600 l
Fresh water capacity          2.000 l, the yacht is equipped with a HEM type 20/800 watermaker with a capacity of 3.000l/24 hr.

Black/Grey water capacity     300 l, the wastewater can be pumped to the Hamann Super Mini wastewater treatment system for grey and black water.

This system has a capacity for max. 12 persons.

Mainsail     ca. 148 m2
Genoa       ca. 153 m2
Staysail         ca.   73 m2
MPS    ca. 354 m2

Main engine Steyr MO196K33, 144 kW / 196 HP @ 3.300 rpm, main engine with PRM reverse gear, with Various

Propulsion at Idle (automatic trolling) and flexible coupling.

Propeller shaft installation            Hydromar propeller shaft installation consisting of a water lubricated system with an oil bath axial thrust bearing and a fixed pitch propeller with a diameter of 740 mm (29”)

Bow thruster Hydromar 18kW bow thruster pivoting type hydraulically powered by means of the Hydromar powerpack system, can be proportionally controlled on the outside steering position.

From 22 – 25 September 2010 Jongert Shipyard will participate in the Monaco Yacht Show in Port Hercules Monaco.

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