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News: UK Marina Scholarship winner´s Australian experience

October 17, 2011 by Alex Lever
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The UK winner of the Bellingham International Marina Education Scholarship Michael Glanville has returned to the UK after completing the Advanced Marina Management (AMM) course in Australia. These scholarships enable the winners to travel to the other side of the globe to participate in a six day Advanced Marina Management (AMM) course that is recognised by the Global Marina Institute(GMI).

Michael is the Area Manager from Marina Developments Ltd and the Area Manager for the Hamble and Cheshester region and Marina Manager at Northney Marina in the UK. Michael joined 13 other participants in the Marina Industries Association of Australia (MIAA) AMM course held at Port Stephens in New South Wales in late September. The course attracted delegates from around the world including Fiji, New Zealand, UAE and Thailand. Michael said “it was great opportunity to network and learn from Marina Managers from other countries. During the course we received lectures including Law, Capital Budgeting and Marketing and the course culminated in a redevelopment proposal project for a small quaint marina ready for a new lease of life. The caliber of candidate attending the course was high as is the professional level at which it is aimed”

After the course Michael undertook 10 marina visits during five days. He commented “it was an amazing and worthwhile experience. Operationally, commercial Australian marinas are broadly run in the same way as the UK however Australia is home to many large yacht clubs operating substantial marinas on a not for profit basis. As in the UK, environmental issues ride high on the marina agenda and in Australia pressure wash run off filtration systems are essential and help to maintain water quality, a direction I am sure the UK will move in in due course!. On average marinas in and around Sydney and Melbourne are smaller than at home, however the demand for larger berths in excess or 25 metres is high. It is however interesting that around the world we all have to manage similar issues”.

“Being awarded the Bellingham Marine Scholarship was a once in a lifetime opportunity and was a brilliant experience both personally and professionally” he said. In February Craig Evans, the Executive Officer of the Cruising Yacht Club of South Australia will participate in the British Marine Federation run AMM course being held in Poole, UK. Craig is the Australian winner of the Bellingham International Scholarship.

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