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February 16, 2011 by UnitedYachtServices
United Yacht Services

Boat & Yacht Maintenance Service
Completely take the hassles out of caring for your yacht by having United Yacht Services to keep your yacht ready for use and in tip top condition – top to bottom, bow to stern. Our scheduled maintenance program has been developed to ensure the necessary regular maintenance is completed according to a continuing program – on time, every time.

How does it work?

We charge a monthly fee to oversee and manage your boat, its maintenance, repairs and general upkeep.
We visit your boat at least once a week, principally to check she is secure, we also check on such items as mooring lines and fenders, heaters and dehumidifiers.
Each week we run up all the systems onboard providing you with a detailed report highlighting anything that in our opinion needs attention.
We arrange, coordinate and oversee any work that is required.
We design and implement a routine maintenance schedule for the boat
Our view is that we can save you money by:

Identifying problems early
Only doing work that is required
Using the best skilled labour
Passing on our discounts over a range of equipment and services
In addition we are on hand to provide an unlimited supply of help and advice as you require it throughout the year.

United Yacht Services provides a high quality service that is focused ondelivering against your objectives of owning a boat. Most boats do not require full time management but for a lot of owners who either have to travel long distances to reach their boat or perhaps lack the time or sometimes the experience, an element of professional assistance as and when it is needed is all that is required to make a big difference.

Boat Detailing, mechanics, diving or maid service, no matter what your needs we have a program for you. What’s more, once you are a member you can enjoy further discounts off other selected services when they are required, and you have access to expert advice 365 days a year.
In addition your membership can be combined with our ground breaking online management access, enabling you to easily view work, change schedule or request additional services, all from the comfort of you home or office.

Contact info@unitedyachtservices.com for a quotation.

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