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News: Vector Developments Presents Thermal Imager

May 4, 2010 by Yacht Supplies
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SeaMoon Watchman, a thermal imager, is the latest innovation from the Vector Developments featuring technologically advanced imaging night vision. The new thermal imager functions within a specialized polymer dome which detects the infrared radiations. The thermal imager can sense potential threats, both human and natural to the yacht. According to the company, this thermal imager is the first of its kind across the globe. The thermal imaging pan / tilt dome camera captures high resolution thermal images with a changeable line of sight.

The USP of the product design is that it is a combination of form and function. Its design can be easily integrated into deck-heads, mast spreaders or even bulkheads to meet the highest security specification without modifying its artistic look.

The Managing Director of Vector Developments Brian Chivers affirms that they have indeed been able to work with some of the most famous yacht designers by laying emphasis on turnkey solutions. Overall, SeaMoon Watchman offers a fit-and-forget, clean and distinct solution to night vision, using exclusive materials and innovation.

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