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February 13, 2010 by vitalcapital
Vitaliy Chekmaryov
Currently Looking For Work: Yes
DOB: 14 June, 1968
Location: Ukraine
Position: Steward
Experience: 12 seasons
Languages: Russian, English
+38-0482-330-221 home
+38-0662-533-897 mob
DOB 14.06.1968
Ukrainian Nationality
Marital status Married
Hotel Academy Odessa, Ukraine 1985-1990
Diploma – ships waiter, steward .
Endorsement 00907 exp.28.11.2012
Passport EC559720 exp.19.05.2016
Seamen book AB404087 exp.29.07.2014
STCW 95 LZ12002B exp.28.11.2012
2008 – 2009 Steward m/v “Commodore Clipper” – “Condor marine” Ltd
2007 – 2008 D/R Waiter m/v “Thomson Destiny” – “Louise Cruise Lines”
2000 – 2007 D/R Waiter S/V “Royal Clipper”, s/v ”Star Clipper”, s/v “Star Flyer”- “Star Clippers” ltd
1999 Steward m/v » Appolon « – « Royal Olympia Cruise »
1997 – 1998 Wine steward m/v” Minerva” – “Swan Hellenic Cruise”

I have good experience as steward on mega-yachts, passenger cruise line ships.
Job responsibilities –cabin service and detailing, passengers guest service-meals and bartending: serve the guests in dining room for breakfast , lunch and dinner , snacks , tea time, deck party ,BBQ on the beach and so on. Polishing glassware, silverware, cleaning up waiter station , tables , working area. Assist store loading. Embarkation and disembarkation of the guests.
Job skills-service with a smile , attention to detail , energetic ,positive outlook under often stressful circumstances, teamwork and multitasking.
My work ethic is positive attitude with a ready smile and going that extra mile to serve the guest.
I am presentable , hard working , positive , friendly and happy personality.
My English is good.
Health is excellent.
Heigh /weight 178sm/70kg
Particulars non-smoker, non-drinker, no tattoo.
Hobbies motivation literature(Napoleon Hill, Brian Tracy, Robin Sharma, Mark Fisher, Robert Kiosaki), Bible; sailing; cooking; sport.
Recent referees :
Crew agency ”Alpha navigation” m/v ‘Commodore Clipper” contact name: Larisa Nikolaevna
Tel +380482329204 Fax +380487153562 e-mail
Crew agency “Travag” s/v ”Royal Clipper”, ”Star Clipper”, ”Star Flyer” contact director Igor Nikolaevich
Tel +380487117824 Fax 0380487117515 e-mail
Director of Private Hotel “TTT” Aleksandr Vitalenko Tel +380487202020 e-mail

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