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News: Vripack-designed super yacht CASA concept

January 28, 2015 by Alex Lever
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The Dutch designers studied the opportunities to incorporate ideas from contemporary Brazilian house architecture and combined this knowledge with two major trends from VriThink; ‘Transparency’ and ‘We are Nature’.

Arriving on board from the stern they designed a lofty one-and-a-half-story welcome lounge with lazy spiralling stairs and a stepless connection to two senior VIPs. The quintessential Brazilian house caters to both privacy and openness with a long and open interior layout and a loft element.

“The layout allows for the several different functions of a multi-generational family. She will sail all around the world, whether it is the Amazon or the Arctic and the Brazilian house architecture gave something unique to our yachting industry; the Hortus”, explains Robin.

“We basically shifted the traditional Sky Lounge backwards creating a full glass observatory. In front of that we placed the Hortus which functions as a breeze way. Surrounded with glass bulwarks the area is open to the sides. The Hortus can be easily cooled down, heated but better yet while sailing or at anchor you can be safe with the kids in the elements, thus experiencing the great outdoors as never before.”

Following the “we are Nature” trend, Vripack took inspiration of the shapes of leaves as a pattern for the deck and integrated furniture giving the feeling of openness and spaciousness. Below decks, the layout features a large parents’ room which directly connects to two kid’s rooms. There is the option to keep all rooms open as one giant family suite. The main deck aft remains obstruction-free, which ensures ample space for numerous toys and tenders as well as the elderly and tricycles.

“We have a tremendous amount of experience in modern explorers, but it’s the new degree of contemporary architecture in this concept that’s so exciting for us. With the lack of a traditional aft deck and the addition of a Brazilian-House-inspired open middeck the owner lets us know that we crafted a contemporary globe trotter that sets a new standard yet again,” concludes Marnix.

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