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News: Vripack’s Innovative 3D environment

June 17, 2009 by Superyacht Design
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It is said that, ” The face of the clock is not what shows the time, it is behind the clock that really ticks”. Pertaining to the saying, a yacht is generally judged by its exteriors. The more glamorous the design, the more compliments it gets. But very few know and believe that the true worth of a yacht is judged by its engine room and machinery system. In order to make this idea the heart of any yacht design, Vripack is planning to use a state of art 3D environment which will help those involved in the process, in knowing the design inside-out.

The whole idea behind using this innovative 3D environment is to speed up the production process by combining a 3D engineering model and the technical knowledge of the engineers. This will help the engineers to visualize the whole process of construction in a better way and thus help to simplify and speed up the process of finalizing yachts.

Now let’s take a closer look as to how this is done.
In the first stage an exterior design and a general layout is made. This allows the people involved in the construction to get a rough idea as to how the things will be arranged in the interior parts.

In the second stage, the naval architects start designing the basic design and a general layout. During both the stages, the yacht and mechanical engineer constantly keep a close watch on the design in order to resolve any issues that might arise in the layout when they do the construction and assembly plans for interior structure and systems. This is not like a brain storming session, but an interactive exchange of ideas between the designers and the engineers which makes the process faster and easier.

Once the 3D design is made by the designers, the engineers start designing the interiors with systems and machinery up to the smallest details. When this is done, a digital walk through is generated which shows the start, development and the end of the yacht’s construction.

The main advantage of this whole system is that it allows the engineers to determine the dimensions of the interior components to prevent any possible conflicts at a later stage with the structural elements and systems. This saves a lot of time and prevents delay that is generally caused when the designs are made using drawing boards.

The whole “walk through” simulation that it creates of the yacht to be made, helps to create engine rooms which demand less maintenance and contain non-complex systems.

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