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News: Wake 66 yacht by Wayachts present at the 2010 Genoa Boat Show

September 1, 2010 by Bill Noramin
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Wayachts will present at the next 2010 Genoa Boat Show the new flagship of the Italian yard: the Wake 66 motor yacht, an incredible 20 metre open yacht which is surprising for the stylistic solution and is joining the yacht Wake 48, first model of the Wayachts range.

Motor Yacht Wake 66, like the previous model Wake 48, was designed entirely by the architect Francesco Rolla and the technical project was given to Stefano Milanesi, from Navaldesign & Consulting, so that the continuity between the first model and the later ones is guaranteed.

The Wake 66 yacht model shares some features with the 48 model but, being larger, the layout and some features of the boat’s interior are more complex, making the design of Wake 66 unique among boats of this sort.

The motoryacht Wake 66 model is a two-deck and half, open, hard top boat, 20.20 metres in length and 5.25 metres in width. It is built in two versions, with three or four cabins (plus the crew cabin) each with a private toilet. The two 700 hp diesel Volvo Penta IPS 900 engines (alternatively the two 900 hp diesel Volvo Penta IPS 1200), mean this boat’s cruise speed is above 29 knots, peaking at over 36.

The general shape of the 66 model is close to that of the 48 model. In the latter the bulwarks were important for the interior volume and they flanked the entrance stairs. In the Wake 66 yacht model the bulwarks are more streamlined and slope gently aft, making the sidelines smoother.

The hard top is the main area of the deck. The deck covering can be adjusted to screen the sunlight completely, partially or not at all, allowing the crew to choose.

The hard top and the pilot station are in the central part of the deck; fore and aft the deckhouse reaches out to the sundecks. The aft sundeck is body-shaped whereas the fore sundeck is a three people large bed.

The deckhouse of this model, as that of the Wake 48 model preceding it, is an elliptical element that defines and encloses the deck areas. The aisles, however, are narrower compared to those of the 48 model. The washboard is not large for U-seating. The two models differ because the 66 model is designed to achieve the maximum possible space inside a hard top. The main theme of this model is not a new way of designing aisles (as in the Wake 48 model) but the design of a innovative living area.

Under the hard top there are two distinct sections: aft is a living room-bar and fore the pilot station. In the central part of this large area there is a multi-functional, oval-shaped block. The fore part of the block is the pilot station with three seats facing the instrument panel. The aft part is between the dinette’s seats and is used as a bar-counter in the dinette.

Around this block (which also helps divide the cabin interior into two sections) two comfortable aisles lead to a round staircase with two flights of stairs, on either side of the instrument panel.

At the foot of the stairs is the galley-bar area. This area divides the upper and lower deck and also the cabin interior and the outer deck. It is actually below deck but is cleverly designed to let direct sunlight in. It also gives the best access to the outer deck. Furthermore, its position at the centre of the boat separates the fore and aft sections. The sleeping areas are beyond the galley: two guest cabins astern and the master room at the very end (originally round). Forward of the galley is the VIP cabin and beyond that the crew cabin, with access to the deck.

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