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January 1, 2014 by Oceanblueyachts
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Bareboat Yacht Charter is just like renting a car. You sail the boat yourself. You are the skipper and therefore you can go wherever you wish, at your own pace, no fixed itineray, just go where the wind, or fancy, takes you. Bareboat Charters run from Saturday to Saturday (usually), with embarkation being around 5pm and disembarkation around 8am. – 9am, in most cases you are expected to return the yacht the evening before you depart. Most charters are round trips, returning to the base from where you started, although there are a few bases that will accept one-way charters ( early booking essential ).

At least one member of your party must hold sailing qualifications equivalent to RYA/DOT Day Skipper level minimum, in Turkey, if you can provide a resume detailing adequate experience of skippering a similar size yacht in similar waters, this may suffice, for Greece, a second person must also be qualified, or experienced, to RYA/DOT Competent Crew level. For Croatia the Skipper must also hold a VHF license. ( In all cases, the yacht owner/operator reserves the right to insist you take on a skipper, at your cost, if they feel you do not have adequate qualification, experience, or skills. – so please, if you are in any doubt please clarify this with us before hand).

If you feel you under qualified, or would just prefer to have a more relaxing time, then why not rent a skipper, who can take over all the responsibilities of the yacht, as well as acting as a guide, taking you to all the best ( and often known only by the locals) bays and anchorages.
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