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September 15, 2012 by derinblu
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Blue Cruise Turkey – How does an exciting experience of an unforgettable gulet sailing holiday sound? A journey that takes you to one of the most magical places in the world and captivates your heart to desire to embark on a Blue Cruise Turkey holiday in the Mediterranean.

Blue Cruise Turkey – Halikarnas fisherman, Cevat Sakir
The history of the blue cruise in Turkey started in the 50’s, by the famous Turkish author, Cevat Sakir. He wrote about his journeys at sea in and around the region of the fantastic city of Bodrum. These journeys he called “Blue Cruises”. He would talk about the sun, azure waters, impressive nature and ancient history. He used much poetry in his compositions which gave his stories a lively picture. He was known as the Halikarnas fisherman.

The most common choice in sea vessels for a Blue Cruise, is the gulet. The gulet is a typical Turkish motorsailer made out of wood. Still today they are built. The most popular and largest shipyards for gulets are located in Bodrum and in Bozburun. With time, the shape of the gulet has changed and developed to have some more space under deck for cabins, salon and other luxury amenities.

The average duration of a blue cruise is a week. This week can be an amazing holiday experience for you, as nearly every day you set sail to new locations. You don’t spend one week in just one region.

Popular blue cruise itineraries start from Marmaris, Fethiye or Bodrum. Due to Turkey’s close location to Greece, the itineraries can be combined with the Greek Islands. Rhodos, Kos or Symi are just some of the interesting islands to be mentioned. Just ask your yachting agent for advise and together you can work out a personal itinerary.

Blue Cruises in Turkey – Mediterranean Gulet Holidays
While your gulet is sailing to a new location, you can relax on board. Switch your MP3 Player on or grab a good book you’ve always wanted to read, or play cards with your friends while having a relaxing sunbath on deck with a cool drink. As soon as the gulet arrives at the harbour you can go on land and discover colorful coastal towns, a picturesque fishing villages or trail even further to the interior for a great hike in lush green nature. Then finish your day with a glass of good wine in one of the little restaurants located at a harbor and promenade.

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