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News: What is RINA GREEN PLUS class notation?

July 29, 2009 by Superyacht Design
What is RINA GREEN PLUS class notation?

Last year, RINA, the Italian classification society announced its new notation for stronger environmental regulations and thus further strengthened its environmental friendly image through out the world. The new eco-friendly law, Green Plus, is to keep a check on a yacht’s overall effect on the environment. The law will initially be put forth on a voluntary basis. This means that the yacht builders will themselves have to make a choice if they want to make their yacht according to the new law. Though, it is quite obvious that a company opting for Green Plus will not only get global recognition but would also carve a niche for itself in the current competitive yacht industry. The overall analysis of a Green Plus certified yacht will be based on the the environmental performance index, which closely monitors the overall impact of the vessel on the environment. Thus Green Plus, is a goal oriented notation, which will help in increasing the yacht industry’s commitment towards environmental issues.

The Green Plus Notation not only goes a step further to establish world class environmental standards but also imbibes in itself environment related concerns expressed by equivalent Regulations such as MARPOL and various other environmental legislations. The process would not only see the rise of environmental excellence in the yachting industry but would also see a healthy support from the rest of the maritime industry in the days to come.

The prestigious Green Plus Certificate will be granted to only those new vessels that are genuinely interested in the concept and show significant investment in design solutions, on board equipment, and operational procedures. Moreover the legislature will have a minimum level policy, which means that the certified vessels will have to contribute environmental performance beyond the minimum levels set by the regulations. Specific design solutions and precise on-board equipment standards would reduce accidents and risk of pollution. The overall effect would not only reduce fuel consumption but would also lower the air emission level.

This continuous push to upgrade and come up with innovative engine design, alternative fuel options, high efficient propulsion systems, optimum hull designs and biodegradable oil compatible systems would drastically reduce the environmental impact and increase a yacht’s performance.

RINA would ensure that all these legislatures are correctly followed and the correct design solutions and onboard equipments are used. The classification society would also include proper voyage planning programmes and training courses to increase environmental awareness amidst officers and crew. Green Plus would also include all the technical and technological developments that Marpol and other regulations are unable to follow. It will also give extra attention to the amount of carbon emission released by a vessel, an aspect not yet taken into consideration by MARPOL.

Thus GREEN PLUS will embody the unanimous public aspiration to lower overall environmental impact and the general evolution in technological development. Moreover it will also introduce a collective goal based approach regarding environmental issues, rather than a perspective one. The legislature will also provide flexibility to designers and ship owners for choosing tools, which they think are more appropriate and are subjected to achieve the assigned value in an environmental index.

The Green Star Plus notation comes in three levels: Gold, silver and platinum, which varies according to the type of the ship. Thus, Green Star is setting trends by implementing new environmental regulations and green standards for others to follow.

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